Foreign trade emails

Cross border trading for salesman is a working refers to merchant credit card payment processing and English skills. How to write an good email for foreign trade newbie to increase the chance of reaching a deal. Below is some points summarized:

1Email content is too long. Many of foreign clients time concept is very strong, and they have fixed time for processing received emails. If your email keeps on repeating at great length, and you are not well acquainted with him, they would probably directly delete it.
2Email has no explicit subject. A unclear subject cannot attract client to get into the email content. While this requires experiences. The essential content must be brief and short, and make people to open the email, then you are succeed. As to if the client would contact you further, it depends on the actual situation and your ability. Some people would set the beginning as : we are the manufacturer of …. Or “Shanghai XX company ltd” and so on, which are obviously sales emails. Then your emails probably would be deleted directly.

3Great length about instruction of your manufacture and company. Such as: we are *** , located in ***, started on ***year.. etc. When your client see these, the boring content will make people lost interest. Even if your company or factory is very excellent, too much length of introduction will not be benefit for your communicating.  Make it brief and short.

4Use simple lines and words and make people known fast. In fact, it is easier to complicate the easy thing, but it is very difficult to simplify the complex things. Foreign trade emails spirit is: simple and simpler. 


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