Old customer marketing

Old client marketing for some business owner seems impossible.  For online business with payment by credit card, for example, the furniture seller or electronic appliance.  Some old customers are not likely to buy-back in these stores. We have to admit any method and skill only works on certain areas of business.  But I insist one point of view: for most of the categories, we can do the old client marketing. It is necessarily to enhance the store sales records and raise the single visit customer value by old client marketing.

But in the first place there is a question to clear up: what reasons for old client marketing  necessity.

 1. the more mature of the platform, the more you cost for finding a new client. This will end up same with the offline: obtaining a new client cost far more than maintaining an old client.

 2. the platform overall volume has basically reached bottleneck status. The focus will be transfer from “make the cake big” to “make every volume value bring into full play”

 3. add customer stickiness by old client marketing will also affect the whole store combined quality score.

 Establish customer profile and proactively contact: this applies for repeated consuming goods such as: daily necessities, pet goods, infant products and snacks, and so on. This kind of customer profile is setup according to the life experiences and to determine a consumer purchase cycle.

Periodically deliver real value to your old client: it is actually content marketing. The real content marketing does not regard the platform as a product issuance place, instead regard it a value transmission platform.  Not only product but with video and images, instruction. The better content is to make the customer feel something really valuable.


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