Consuming habit in different regions of Europe

        Most of people out of Europe may not familiar with the name Zalando.  While in Europe the brand is well-known. The success of Zalando lies in its unique strategy for each country in Europe according to each consuming habit. 

        It is said that the company will divide the Europe to several regions according to every country purchase habit and geographical location.  Each region has unique team responsible for studying consumers’ behavior. And based on the consuming preference in each region, they custom appropriate website pointed at product category and credit card payment

       Below is what the company’s team observed about different countries’ consumer behavior when they shop online.  

       Swiss is punctual and abide by rule

Swiss wake up early than any other countries’ people. They want to visit their client 1 hour ahead of German. Therefore Zalando  switcher land team provide service for consumer earlier. Swiss need 30 days to pay for bill, so they  clear up every month with other bills. 

        Italian is very changing

Italian shopper may add a bunch of stuff to their shopping cart, than delete, Sometimes they add very expensive product but they take them out when they checkout.

        Spanish and Italian people like cash on delivery. 

        French shopper love promotion

        Some countries have their own promotional season. For example, France promotion season is regulated by the government.  It can be compared to black Friday, which generally lasts for several weeks. During the season, almost all French is purchasing all clothes.  

        British and French love to use credit card

        British and French consumer used to purchase by credit card, which is very much like American. 

       North Europe goes forefront

       North Europe shopper acts very civilized and experienced. They often spend money on mobile device. And they now better what is ecommerce.  It goes smoothly there most of time.


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