Austpay International Ltd
Date established:
2008 year

An Austpay Snapshot

● Full customer service and support.
● Ethical business practices transparency in all stages of the relationship from sales to agreements
and fees.
● Great for global offshore accounts .
● True interchange plus only model with NO hidden fees.
● No early termination fee.
● No annual fee.
● No monthly fee.
● No services fee all inclusive package, tech support, gateway, integration.
● Only charged for approved transactions, Declines have NO additional fees.
● No additional fees to process refunds.
● No Scaling caps –limitations –minimums –associated fees.
● Once approved and processing, additional payment options can be added at NO extra cost.
● Seeing large growths, additional Mids with the same or different acquirer can be added At NO additional costs.

Austpay was created to help simplify on-line processing, to help merchants to manage and reduce their bottom-line expenses. Founded as a private processing channel in 2004 for a large volume client, a simple all inclusive model was negotiated with several Chinese acquiring banks to develop a flexible yet simple and clear model to support growth, reduce costs and add flexibility to a normally very rigid industry. Through lengthy negotiations
and strong relationships with the acquirers a true transparent model was developed that eliminated tier models, minimums, caps and various fee limitations/charges. In essence a streamlined fee structure was reached and created. (details +)

Our own gateway was developed in conjunction with our own payment/management platform and related risk controls and services, which further reduce and improved the tracking and management of live international transactions. By late 2005, the founders of Austpay realized that a unique
e-commerce system was created, that kept the merchant business in focus providing a simple encompassing fees package that still retained maximum flexibility and the lowest cost effective solution possible. By the end of 2005 Austpay was fully registered as an IPSP able to provide processing options globally and a full service team was recruited to support the growing word of mouth referrals. Austpay began to provide the much needed transparent flexible model to more clients that required offshore high risk credit card merchant accounts.

Austpay's main focus is to simplify yet add the most flexibility and incentives to allow merchants to grow, streamlining costs to be easily accounted and forecasted. We also strive to reduce these costs when possible, setting openly with merchants if certain milestones can be reached, savings can be directly passed to the merchant. Reducing MDR's, transactions fees, settlement conditions, adding cost free additional direct processing mids/channels, adding at no cost more payment options, and even adding different acquiring banks to spread risk over several acquiring banks all through one gateway.
The Road to Simplified accountable processing.



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