Tailored Package


One of the core beliefs of Austpay is that every Merchant is a unique identity and so should be treated as an individual case.

We take the time to review all information provided from you to ensure we can provide payment options for your account.

After you fill in the generic application form and provide us with your basic support documentations, a dedicated compliance agent will guide you through to what is needed to ensure you can obtain a processing account.

We understand that merchants are coming from around the world and have different standards and available documents.

At Austpay we also are flexible and change with our merchants, after you submitted your application form, our specialist will analyze the situation of your current business, review your needs and requirements and then adjust a processing rate and payment options available.

We help design a package the can meet your direct and future needs, as you grow rates are adjusted to your performance, more payment options become available to be added with out charge and even settlements will be adjusted to fit your account trends.


Austpay is here to ensure you can process and earn the right to use as many payment options as your business needs from all major credit cards, debit, E-check, e-wallet and more.


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