Customer Self-support

We assist our merchants to make their customers happy. At Austpay we understand that although the customer may not always be right, they most certainly must always be heard.


Merchants as they grow become more more burdened with the customer handling side of their business, neglecting responses, inquiries and minor complaints.

In order to build a bridge between merchant and customers, we designed a sophisticated and powerful customer’s support system to help solve disputes and misunderstandings.

We provide an alternative dedicated channel to ensure a customer can be heard and to avoid misunderstandings leading to an unneeded charge back situations.

We provide our own complaints department and customer verification system to help assist, notify and remind the merchant when such issues arise and also to protect merchants from fraudulent customers attempting to gain services or products through friendly fraud.

Austpay takes pride in not only providing good service to our merchants but also exceptional after sales service to their customers, the more our merchants business grows the more we can grow.


Customer can contact sellers easily by using this system regarding any transaction and merchants can relax a little knowing we are able to support their customers with minor issues and problems. By using this system, dispute, shipping information, exchange issues can be quickly communicated by buyer and seller. Therefore preventing most charge backs and losses of a repeating client purchase.



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