High Risk Merchant



Many profitable businesses found on the internet are categorized in the high risk industries sector and will often be rejected by most banks for a Merchant account.


The simple truth is that banks don't want to take the risk for possible fraudulent and high charge back rates related to these industries and the constant updates of policies, regulation and laws related to a particular industry.


At Austpay, we not only have an experienced risk management team and a comprehensive fraud filter system to help merchants fight fraud and minimize chargeback rates, but also experience in these sensitive high risk industries so we can guide merchants on what they need to do to prevent disastrous events from occurring and obtain stable credit card processing for their businesses for years.


If you are a Merchant in a high risk industry such as the adult, chemical, pharmacy, replica, consulting, supplements, herbal, legal highs, unquantifiable services such as consulting, travel and so on and you are a legitimate business that has been turned down.


Austpay.com was created to provide you with a reliable second chance. We understand that there are many legitimate high risk merchants that are genuinely good businesses that have been over looked and lumped into a general tabooed area for merchant account acceptance. 


If you are looking for a high risk merchant account for credit card processing, Click here to apply

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