Card choice for consuming

When we apply for credit card, some of us may have this question: what exactly the difference between union-pay bank and visa or master card. What is the difference between visa and master, etc. What one should we apply.  

       So let’s take a look at the basic information so we know how to choose the one that best fit for us in credit card payment processing.

From regional aspect, union-pay is issued by Chinese card association, Visa and Master are issued by American card association.  In the present, domestic bank cards belong to different bank according to the card first number. The card staring in 4 is Visa card, the card starting in 5 is Master card. The card starting in “62”, “60”, “9”are issued by China union-pay association. While, the card staring in  “62”and“60 is accorded with the international standard, which can also consumed by card holder  at broad. This kind of card is the leading card in recent years by China union pay.

From usage aspect, if you only consume at home, union-pay card is the best choice. But if you often go abroad consuming overseas, a Visa or Master card is a must.  For the past few years, in order to meet the users’ demand, many banks issued dual-currency card, which combine union-pay and Visa, or union-pay and Master. That way card holder can consume at home with union-pay channel and purchase overseas by Master channel with only one card.

       Then how we choose between Visa and Master. As a matter of fact, each credit card company has their own features and benefits.  They are both card issuer association with long history and huge brand power worldwide. Visa is relative more popular in America and Asia. Master card is relative more popular in Europe. So if you will go to America you can choose Visa. Everybody can make their own choice according to the foreign countries they visit more.

If you consume overseas, it is recommended to settle in union-pay channel to avoid quite a bit of currency conversion fee. 


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