Ecommerce city dispatch

In new retail era, the consumer individuation and diverse demand causes inventory in fragment, small amount, and the diversified purchasing has been an ordinary status.  Under the current environment of chasing efficiency and eliminating the inventory, only by integrating more technical elements can it satisfies the fast changing retail development demand, which also affects the third party payment in ecommerce business.

City dispatch is an important link of supply chain, which requires four steps including order, make appointment, dispatch and arrange shipping route.  The procedure is very complicated with many steps. Any step or link improved will advance the efficiency of business supply chain operation.

Based on the features of city dispatch multiple links and complicated personnel involved,  the logistics transform and upgraded has been an must do. The enterprise which is dedicated on city dispatch can monitor the big data, using cloud calculation. This can make sure the transmission without error or discrepancy, real-time feedback on modified content, deduct the communication time and enforce the monitor ability to logistics.

The professional city dispatch logistics company is aim to assist business deliver the order, through a series of steps optimization: filter orders, adjust, select, and monitor  on shipping and final delivery. Therefore it is able to reduce the cost and enhance the delivery quality. All the client need to do is passing the order to the professional enterprise.  The damage rate around 0.03%, lost rate 0.02%, delivered rate and punctual rate is up to 99%. While the manual dependent logistics is being with insufficient information technology and systemized management.  In the case of large number or heavy products transportation, the vehicle space and manual cost wasting is very serious.

The one who know better of client demands and ability to lower the damage rate and dispute rate, with higher delivered rate and better dispatch experience is to be the future in city dispatch market.


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