FMCG + intenet thinking

Fast move consumer goods B2B is regarding the relation between business to business.  Actually about channel relationship, in other words, the relationship between manufacture to dealer, dealer to retail terminal.  

Fast move consumer goods essentially is to use fast move consumer goods channel+ internet thinking to rebuild a new fast move consumer goods channel model. The core of the model is to enhance channel efficiency  and reduce links, lower the channel cost.  

B2B is not a new FMCG model, but a FMCG+ internet model of thinking under the internet environment.  The thinking key point reflects platform thinking.  To build a channel platform based on the aggregation of transaction payment processing platform, logistics platform and ecological service platform, which is finally to enhance the channel processing efficiency and deduct the cost.

However, the key element is channel + internet.

FMCG B2B requires industry reformation which has to meet the three sides needs:  manufacture, retail terminal, consumer.  It should be provided with the ability of the following:

1、Market development: The channel itself must have the value of strong market development. It has certain quantity and stable market network system.

2、Strong merchandise organization: The channel place is dependent on its merchandise organization ability.  It has to gain the product support from manufacture, marketing strategy support, which enable itself has stronger product resource guarantee and developed a joint effort with the manufacture. 

3、Strong business management:  Marketing is a science and moreover a art. It demands the enterprise exert its ability and potential to use all kinds of methods and strategies to enforce its competitiveness.  

4、strong service: as channel platform, it has to be able to serve the manufacture and retail terminal, consumer. So it can cooperate with the manufacture market regulation, undertake the obligation of serving the market, to finally gain the cooperation and support from manufacture.  


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