Smart logistics

For ecommerce business, logistics is the lifeline for surviving in the online business industry. For third party payment, credit card payment is a major revenue across most of the countries.  Along with  the fast growing internet technology, there are many common places for online shopping experiences for global consumers. One of the most important point is timely delivery for package. It is a guarantee for customer purchasing on the internet shopping mall. It is especially concentrated by the ecommerce business enterprises when it occur big event like promotion. The massive orders will lead to numerous packages in shipping. In this situation, delivered rate is a key index to examine an ecommerce company.

While there is no fastest courier company, but most suitable courier.  Online business want to change their courier service agent, which does not necessarily lead to improve their  logistics situation.  Optimization for every single order via big data is the way for they to choose the suitable courier service and enhance the delivered rate in large extent. 没

Every courier company has survived in the express industry dependent on their own core-competitiveness. As a matter of fact, each courier company has their superiority transportation route and high quality dispatch branches. Ecommerce business want to gain best dispatch solution for every single order which is achievable based on meticulous scientific algorithm and real-time status held.  That will bring along with order checking time saving, dispatch strategy optimization and manual cost reduction, as well as the better shopping experience. 

Some courier services have launched smart solution for every single package.  It is a logistic algorithmic engine built by professional logistics, algorithm expert.  It is operated via the engine to elicit a most suitable courier site for every order of each user in the dimension of  time efficiency, cost, service.

It is a smart strategy decision for ecommerce business based on big data intelligent solution. No need of manual match and enhance time efficiency of dispatch.  


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