New trend in logistics trend

Ecommerce logistics focusing on ultimate service and customer experience, is soft delivery service formed by market and consumer need orientation. Customer shopping experience in checkout and payment by credit card is a very important part. However, Ecommerce delivery has been turning to a key role in development and needs continuously innovation to suit market and consumer demand.    

Purely limited at bottom line of delivery, transport, stock areas, ecommerce is not able to catch up or lead consumer demand. It is just a pure order executor and passive respond the consumer.  

For ecommerce businesses, under the situation that traditional development elements have been insufficient one after another: hardware investment, seize and expand market, etc. The next point to be focused is to develop intelligent supply chain system for providing customer with more valued added service.

Specifically it is to spread upper reaches. Based on traditional delivery service, according to the logistics big data accumulated by itself over the past years, combined with powerful information technology, it provide business the intelligent supply chain soft service, aiming to finally solve the tough problem on supply chain and operation for the enterprises.

In the point of client of ecommerce logistics view, besides the base service like stock, transportation, customs clearance  and so on, they concern more around the control of business flow, information flow, logistics, funds flow, the line from source materials to final product and hand to customer.

Client enterprises besides industry giant, especially who is weaker on data mining, insufficient input on information technology, supply chain management inadequate, and incomplete knowledge of channel information, the consequence along is high stock, high rate of shorts, low retained profits and low efficiency.

Intelligent supply chain oriented by market and consumer demand, based on:  data smart, information technology, procedure optimize.  In specific, it is according to customer fancy and fashion trend and competition situation etc.  


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