API application in online business

Online business is getting more and more automatic along with the technology development and application in our daily life. The merchant payment processing of third party payment platform seems to be the only party get involved with automated interface application. That is actually not the only part. For export business owner, the workload of sales on the ecommerce platform is very miscellaneous, which contains: product sales, tracking orders, dispatch, stock management etc, but it’s very important as well.  For seller with certain scale, with the same time cost, if relying on manual operation alone, it will be low efficiency compared to the tool production.

In the wake of development and upgrade of cross border ecommerce export industry, more and more Chinese seller are using API to realize the merchandise put on shelves automatically, stock and order management, logistic and supply chain optimization, marketing analysis etc function. To achieve businesses development in large scale by more efficient operation.

 Back in 2009, some large ecommerce platform had started plans on extending the application of API. There are different API function for actual different needs every year from merchant. By using API, seller can save the manual work and raise the efficiency and decrease the error rate. The automated API function can batch the products online, after maintaining all the product information, it can put product online according to different account and site at one time. The second is dispatch of order automatically, the third is customer service system being automated, solving questions before sales and after sales.

In addition, the apparent  advantage of using of API is low error ratio. Therefore it will affect the seller performance in dealing with customer.


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