Unmanned equipment application in logistic

Human technology evolvement promote the forces of production. After that comes the society resources recombination is almost irresistible. The unmanned equipment application in logistic area is becoming practicable along with the logistic automation progress.  As a matter of fact, the logistic was the service department for military  in war in the first place. It is administration center  which is specially responsible for transportation and dispatch.  High technology application speed up the connection between upstream and downstream.  While automation played an key role for industry advancement in the entire circle.  

Decades ago, when the online shopping just get started, general citizen has no internet awareness and was not familiar with the online audition model. Meanwhile  due to domestic banking credit card system is not matured, the online purchasing volume had been keeping at the low stage. Later through third party and credit card payment platform rise abruptly and seller score system improved, people begin to dispel the misgiving to online cheating. The online shopping frequency increased quickly. However, the transportation and shipping end delay and the experience with it become a pain in the ass for general netizen.

In order to speed up the dispatching and shipping. Many large courier companies built up intelligent logistic park in big district around the nation, which brings along with positive effect. The first is nearby warehouse distribution, cuts the delayed time during long distance transport. The second is low empty truck rate along the road in surrounding areas of center capital city, reduced the logistic cost. The most important is a large number of unmanned equipment put in use at warehouse increased the distribution, carrying, loading effect.

At abroad, many large logistic companies and manufacture have started using the unmanned for delivery. While for popularize the equipment is far distant, considering the limitation and deficiency of residence quality, density of population, law and regulations.


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