New client developing

For credit card payment processor sales and foreign trade salesman, if you have made an deal over half a year or say you haven’t made much progress or impressive performance, then you are about to study on where the problem is on your side. Below is some summary ideas for the cause of above situation:

Few potential clients:
If you have no much quantity in clients, not to say the quality. Maybe you just have got no lucky with several months mediocre performance. But you cannot count on lucky for doing business. Good performance sales people can get continuous deals, it has something to do with their potential clients number, so they can always develop new client for supplement.
The cause for few potential client:

1 Don’t know how to develop potential client, just as math problem, you don’t even have a formula to figure out the question. Therefore the first thing is to obtain some methods and use them often to flexibility before you are able to develop potential clients.
2 Spending few time developing customer. This may be denied by many people, they say they word hard on it everyday. As a matter of fact, there they have put time and effort on? Especially for old sales, they have already got two or three clients and they just keep eyes on that certain clients, or add some clients on exhibition at most, or enquiry clients from website. If you don’t have a good method, developing client is indeed a time consuming and cost work. So many sales would rather deal with existed clients than to develop new clients. But even if your product is very good, service very good, old clients may also lost due to product update, change of personnel, or other kinds of reasons. The limited clients number is not sufficient to support your achievement.


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