Communication for online business

Doing business online overseas, especially for foreign trade salesman, the must to consider is credit card payment processor, time different, communication service.

When we communicate with foreign client, fluent English is a very big advantage. Regarding telephone communication, there are something to stress here. We can set up a tele sales team. Pick up the phone to talk with clients. We know that language power is far more than word’s. I always believe that “never call if you can talk face to face” “never email when you can talk over phone”. Email is a supplementary for communication. Many enterprise says they mainly use email to communicate with clients. That’s right. If you only remain at email communication step, then you need to work more.

We also need to learn to use APP very often. In communication, except for phone, email, we can also use well-known APP, such as: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook…I use these apps almost synchronous with Wechat and QQ. Many clients especially in RFQ, I need not to rush for price reporting. I can use all mean to check their status, for example on Facebook to give a like. After one or two days of getting a little bit of acquaintance we do some chat. Every foreign trader knows not many deals could be done in few minutes or one day. From getting to know till placing order, it may take a month or year or longer. And we can use the things they like to talk and communicate with them.

For example: For Chinese, many people are not used to talk by email. And for them who are not sales, they are not likely to check emails much often, they are more likely to check their social media apps. If I send a text both by Wechat and email, the possibility that you read on Wechat is much bigger than on email. You may see on both but the time effect are very different.




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