Advantage to grab in foreign trade

Ecommerce merchants dealing with many aspects: payment processing, price inquiry, customs, factory and so on. When we discuss with our client, what aspect we can use to get the advantages.
Weaken price: many people complains about this: our price is too high that no client would come to us for purchase. If in such case, the factories in Shanghai with high cost would not be able to survive. Everything related is high, for salary, each worker salary is twice as those in other province.
Price is a sensitive concept. We are going to weaken the price concept in international trading. But weaken does not mean no discussing on price. It is recommended to see in the broad sense. Product price is price, transportation fee is price and so on. Why cannot we include all related things into consideration for our client. Product, shipping fee, tax, customs clearance fee…

Is so many trade terms and conditions, I tend to go with bulk-cargo for CIF, DDP. If the merchandise not too many, we can deliver to your door, with proper price and save time and trouble for client. Just like domestic courier service, door to door, without going out consuming. When we weaken the price, we can refer to the delivering to door service. May  be some friends think it’s too much trouble. Actually it doesn’t . As you are considering for your client. But in international trading, you have to let them know you are doing favor for them, because they don’t know our things for do them a good turn.
I found this when I reported price of FOB, after price inquiry, the client always follows up with me on: how much is the shipping, when it arrives. Therefore I directly report and fix this once at one time. Grab off the advantage before your profession even think of it. Maybe our foreign client has different way of thinking but this point should be included. We can see a lot of overseas websites provide free shipping.


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