Analysise on working with client

Today we will move forward on our last topic regarding obtaining more sales for foreign trade. This part we have not involved on merchant credit card payment.

If I called to inquire the price, before I even open my mouth, many freight forwarding may reply that they need to check in their office before answering me. Sometimes I only want to ask the general situation instead of details or data. If you are not clear about the general location of the port and fee, how could I transport goods via your side. If I need to transport goods through the America I want to get a outline or main idea: one person tells me he doesn’t know and the other tells me the price and follow up with me the condition there. Which one you think I might choose. In other words, the first person is being responsible to not just give random price. But if not good to hear, you are not working hard enough. We often say we will work harder, but what you don’t know is people better than you are exerting their greatest effort.

We ignore one thing most of time. For most of who first purchase overseas, they don’t have much information about international trading. They even haven’t heard about FOB, CIF not to say understand it. Then what should we do.

We need to know what our client really want and need. For example, if you purchase in the first time at abroad, what things you care about. If it were me, I want to know about the following:

How about product quality, with guarantee or not. Price high? How much is the transport fee? If I have insurance for my funds? What to do with time difference? How to pay? Seller attitude. What if the product quality has problems?

As a matter of fact, most of our clients may have concerned over these.

We will give simple analysis next time.


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