No reply for distributor/trader

This chapter we will follow up methods we use to elaborate on enquiry without response from trader and distributor/retail trader. Below is our recommendation and analysis regarding the possibilities. In ecommerce industry, credit card payment environment is card not absent, same as foreign trade, we often talk online instead of face to face in person.

1.     No response is very common, as their client did not give response, so as to they unable to reply us how it will proceed.

2.     Client just only want to know the price all over many suppliers and to extract the price information. However, we cannot pick the fat or choose the lean though the customer is just trying to get a price information, especially under such environment. We are supposed to take every enquiry seriously. Especially when client enquiry tends to be specific, with related parameters, for this kind of enquiry, we can mark it as key object.

How to cope with it:

Regarding trader and distributor, it’s recommended to think in other state. They are trying to looking for client just like us. Repeatedly enquiry of price, and how to get the first hand price in the first time is very significant for them.

Using price range instead of continuous price. As price offering is a very time cost and complicated task. Each one of receiving no response after the work done is a strike for us. Price range is more benefit for us to maintain the price stability.

It does not work for only periodically offer price or update product data, this are out-of-date. We are supposed to offer a price for client in their most needed time, that’s a beautiful move.

How to build your price offering and make impression of yourself for others is a key. Every one has his own way and model. You are supposed to find your way.


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