Return solution for online consuming

Online shopping dispute is very normal with a great deal of increasing online transactions with third party payment ecommerce business fast development. Return policy is a very important and frequently used in customer dispute. However there are four categories of merchandise which are not being applied on return policy. 

They are fresh and perishable product, online download or unpacking DVD, computer software and other digital product, customer costumed product, delivered newspaper and magazine. 

Meanwhile there are other three classic merchandise are not returnable: 1. Merchandise after unpacking affect personal safety or health 2. Merchandise after unpacking being greatly devaluation 3. Merchandise being clearly marked with near quality guarantee period or flaw. 

To refine the range of merchandise not-returnable is helpful for merchant and customer solve and reduce their dispute.

        There are also questions regarding the gift with merchandise is required to return or not. It is recommended that the merchandise itself and fitting, gifts should be return together. If the gifts include material object, credit, coupon, value voucher which are not able to return once together. The merchant can request customer to pay the gift price labeled beforehand.

 But who is responsible for the shipping fee. The return fee is should be undertaken by the customer. However if the merchant and customer has agreement otherwise, the shipping fee is per the agreement. The customer meet certain criteria will be waived on shipping fee. But after return it cannot meet the criteria the seller can deduct the shipping fee in the refund.

 Up to when the customer can receive refund? If the returned product is intact in good condition, normally it is required the merchant to refund within 7 days.


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