Business meeting

In fast developing ecommerce industry, credit card payment solution is a very popular option.  Many business man in this industry often go abroad to see their clients in addition talking online or per phone. There are some suggestion in meeting your clients for newbie.

Set an appropriate appointment for meeting. If you plan to go on a business trip and visit your client on your way, make sure notify your client ahead. Before you set off, please send the information to your client regarding the specific date and purpose by phone or Telex. If it’s an temporary visit, you also is advised to contact the employed officer to set a date. Let him prepare for your visit before he has settled to talk business with you.

Avoid interruptions amid your communication.  If the meeting site is in your company, please notify your staff not to interrupt. Too much interruption will affect the communication enthusiasm.

Behave yourself in the communication. Just adhere to the common courtesy and maintain a pleasant posture. You will forfeit the good opinion of many people.

Admit your mistake in appropriate time. If you seemingly make a mistake which cause big or small damage to other person, a regret words normally can get forgiveness from other one. At least it can make them not that irrigated at the time. Then you can explain thoroughly after they calm down.

Your documents are material should be enough and fully. Specific things are more persuasive than oral expression. When your client heard you say: “We have a pamphlet in English. They will get a surge of interest and move on to ask you a lot of questions related with product.  If you have collected your materials at ordinary times, you can answer all questions asked. It is very much helpful for your business meeting.


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