Rejection in sales

For foreign trade salesman, when you have made a lot of effort, which turns out to be a object.  Overseas ecommerce depends much on online communicating, and the trust is like based on payment by credit card without paying face to face. Do you think it is the end of it. No, most of time, sale starts from when you are being rejected. You must figure it out if this is a real decline or a delaying tactics,

“Rejection” and “apprehension” are kind of euphemistic statement. In fact it is because you have not exerted your energy to persuade your client to make the final deal. For many times they really want to get more information and guarantee. The “No” said by them are actually “Not now”. We lost client because we have not listened carefully and studied what they really want.


Often we heard reject as:
· I need to sleep on it;
· I also consider another two suppliers;

· Your price is too high;
· Our budget for this year has been spent out. Contact me next month;

· We currently would not like to change our supplier;  

There are typical rejection from client. Many of us have encountered this.

But after being through many times of rejection, I start to realize and learned that what are true rejection:
· They think they can buy cheaper and better stuff somewhere else.

· They have already determined on some other fancy supplier but they don’t want to say it;

· They don’t want to change supplier, and you are not good at listening;

· They don’t trust you and you are acting not professional enough.

If you can overcome the reject depends on:

· Your sales skill;
· Your understanding of your product;

· How much you know about your client;

· The trust built between you and your client;

· Your attitude and creation.

Anyway you really want to help your client and sincerely insist what you are doing. 


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