How to work on talking a deal

We know that foreign trading often uses third party payment after they complete a deal. For foreign trade sales man, they make contact with client almost everyday communicating and trying to persuade the client. During the communicating it is inevitable to encounter tough clients with difficulties.  What kind of talking and action can enable us to handle them in the conversation and obtain the deal.  

If client say they don’t have the demand. Actually there is a reason, it does not mean no opportunity at all. You can try to do the following work:

1. Turn the question around: ask your client if they sell this product. Some clients say they don't need, as they really do not demand it any longer.

2. If you have already completely elaborated and showed your product/service, your client still have no interest, you should stop repeating the work.  

If client has not surely rejected, you can ask if they have interest in other product; if you can do anything to help him or talk about your sales and their country market demand.

3. If you have new product or sales product, you can email your client. This is for him to remember you. There maybe opportunity in future.


Client says your price is too high. Unless the product is very rare, almost all of product price after reported, they will always say the price high.

1. Make necessary explanation for the price reason, but not too much, or the client may think we have great profit margins. 


2. Make sure the explanation as short as possible, or the client may lost patience. The next to be done is to tell him there is space for slightly lowered. Than email your client confirming this and tell him the range for lowering is slight. Or it may be very hard to wind up.

3.With the step back we give, client see our price has space for lowering, still they may reply: your price is still high, he hope for next business cooperation.

Many people will have nothing to be done but to give up the opportunity. Can we lower the price ourselves? No, we cannot damage our product value. But since the client shows object, what can we do at this point? 
The suggestion is to send over your product parameter and the newest price to your client, including technical parameters and using environment requirement and the service life, with the information that you have already adjusted the price to the lowest, to show your profession.

It is certain that at the stable price situation, most of clients want to check the product quality and parameters, we still have our opportunity.


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