How to optimize customer service

Customer service is one of the most popular profession nowadays in ecommerce merchant credit card payment industry. If the business runner has no service awareness, without comprehension of the products, the information cannot match.. all these issues will affect the clients ordering. We will share experiences from a travel agency customer service management.

Travel agency is belong to the service industry in the ecommerce platform, the major business is on visa. The key points of visa service are pre sale and after sale, it does not expect much in the middle of sale, but with the number increasing, the team problem is gradually emerging. The problems are mainly classified as: process centering system and team work division and monitoring index.

 1.For process centering system:

 The team before is round up in one swoop. It readily occurs responsibilities shrinking and other bad effects when some issues occur. But through refreshing and organizing the procedure, we can catch where the problem is from in the first place and the responsibility, obligation are very clear.   

2.For team work division:

Because of the particularity of the visa category, the customer service has relative higher understanding of the professional knowledge. Besides all clients will go to ask customer service about relative questions, which lead to large amount of consulting and the staff numbers will be insufficient. 

The current customer service is classified according to countries, and different levels of consulting amounts, degree of difficulties under each country. So the customer service have professionals in charge of different aspects.

3. For monitoring index

At last we also demand a monitoring procedure. It contains the whole store consulting condition and each particular product consulting data. Except for the data aspect, it requires periodically monitoring on customer service conversion with clients. 


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