Mobile payment trend

At the outpost of new retail, the mobile payment link is the core technology of  unmanned convenient store. The main payment method are classified by two: 1. Highest end, most convenient method without payment procedure; 2. The most commonly used payment method according to the third party payment industry professional.  

Mobile payment as the invention of China has spread all over the world, which is originated from the fast developing of QR code technology in recent two years. In small amount and high frequent consuming scene, QR code low cost has rapidly replaced POS terminal. Nowadays along with credit system the gradually improving, QR code has the features of strong stickiness of cashier scene and lost cost, it realize the offline and online interchange easier. 

Retail is selling life consuming goods and service to individuality and group and all the other related activities included in it. All retail activity contains three links: Entering the store, shopping the product, payment. In traditional economic system, payment is a basic financial service, which is more of a attachment business of economic trading. But with the development of internet and technology, the mobile payment has been accepted by the general public. The payment link has become one of the most concerned questions in retail business processing between traders.

 Mobile payment promote the traditional retail physical store development. It can create a more flexible and more close consuming environment for consumers. The wallet electronization and mobilization greatly riches the users available payment methods. It is being more convenient for consumers. From the consumer purchasing behavior, the consuming by mobile payment in shopping mall, supermarket and other retail sales field is a trend which conforms the market development law and modern lifestyle. 


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