Foreign trading opportunity

For foreign trade merchants, why some cannot obtain the business opportunity. Maybe there are multiple reasons you can talk, such as: no new product, no product which client demand, or have no ability to follow up, merchant credit card processing issues etc. As a matter fact, there are other factors you have not even done and done it well.

Three aspects:

1 fast response, no delay and drag. Give instant answer to inquiries anytime from email or message, within 2 hours. Or you will lost the best opportunity. The speed of response can reflect your sincerity. It will leave a good first impression to your client. So the client learn that you saw their emails and was considering how to respond instead of ignoring what he inquired.

2 give accurate information, no conning and cheating to your client. The information should include product details, image, price, MOQ, delivery date, maintenance period and payment option etc. Make sure all these information are exactly correct, instead of ambiguous or customary. The answers should be exactly from the actual situation. In the meantime, the correct information requires no fake information. Such as: the product you have never made, but you said you can do. Once your client have found you are giving fake answers, you will have no possibility to obtain any deal.

3 comprehensive information and full communication method. It means you reply all your client concerned information but also the information he did not ask, to help your client estimate instantly and comprehensively. If your client said: please send me price. If you only reply the price, even without delivery time, payment method and package pattern, price valid time, then your reply is not valuable. Except the above information, you should reply your company competitive advantages and certificates, examine report and so on. This will enable your client select supplier fast and discuss with evaluation result.
Do not just communication limited by back office, email, combine all chat tools and international phoning. 


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