Credit card lost

       If you lost your credit card, the replacement application is really going to cost you a bunch of money.  

The credit card service contract states clearly that reported lost card renew will cost 20 to 500RMB. 

From my own experience, I will share how to deal with the fee of card replacement and save it. 

If you lost your whole wallet, and your card holder are separated from your wallet, that will be tragedy.  Normally there may be 5 to 6 credit cards in the wallet, if each replacement is 50, then the total cost is 300. So how to save this money will be discussed at the following.

Condition: you have opened online bank for your credit card.

    First step: Access your online bank and pay back the credit card payment and update the credit limit to ZERO.  Though the card password cannot be modified online, you can still adjust your credit limit. This can also be fixed by calling the bank. The purpose is to avoid the people picked up the card to swipe and consume by it.  

  Second step: apply for another card. You can do this application online.  It is better to choose a different kind of card. For example, if you lost a common card you can apply for a purchase card.

  Third step: make a purchase by the new card after application approved. Generally the credit limit is the same or higher as your previous card. If not, call your bank to adjust the limit.  

  Fourth step: call the bank and apply for cancellation of the lost card. Normally the service will ask you for the reason and recommend you to keep the card and provided with annual fee waived forever. You are going to reject the offer.  

Tips of protection against lost card being used

1. When you swipe your card on POS, make sure the card is not out of your eye sight area, to avoid outlaws record your card information taking advantage when you are not careful.   

2. Try to purchase online not in public computer and choose the regular online store as possible.  

3. Card information not to share with unknown phone number or person. Do call the official number if you have to transact business. 

4. Call your bank in the first place after your card lost to reduce the lost. 


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